Sustainable Features

Solar Pv Electrical Generation

India is densely populated and has high solar insulations, an ideal combination for using solar power in India.MAG with our partners IG Solar Intend to generate solar energy by installing solar power plant for each project where each dwelling will be supplied with around 400 w of energy which can run the basic appliance like fan and lights. In continuation MAG is working on using of DC powered fans and light bulbs. Economically MAG will give this energy source to its all inhabitants within one package and won’t be part of optional added frill.MAG will alo be providing the initial battery backup of 6-8 hrs. Each dwelling will have a smart energy managing system that can help the inhabitant to choose which type of energy they will like to use at which hour.Also,Other mechanical installations like Pumps and street light in the society will run on solar.


Bio Gas As Cooking Fuel

Bio gas that will be generated from human excreta and bio degradable waste will be supplied to each house as cooking gas .This eliminate the dependency of LPG. Our partner for this mission is CH4 Energy pvt.Ltd. Also, if the number of dwelling are less for a particular project that can’t produce ‘X’ amount of waste to produce specified amount of cooking gas,MAG will create a small dairy with cattle that will can provide the bio degradable waste and at the same time provide the society with a in house diary for milk.


Natural Ventilation

As India has warm temperature , that requires each household to have a cooling device. We at MAG, found a solution that can help their homes to remain cool and require bare minimum or no cooling equipments. The building will be designed with either labyrinth type ventilation or earth tubes will be there to provide cool air in each dwelling. This air will be circulated in building through ducts. The process is clearly explained in the diagram below. Also all the building will be aligned according to wind direction to have cross ventilation in each dwelling.


Solar Shades

Sun is harsh in India and our team at MAG intend to proper research for shading each window of a house. Proper azimuths will be checked and sun path diagrams will be made to block the sun in summer and allow it during the winter season.


Zero Carbon Foot Print

Sustainable5MAG project will do its best to solve the problem of soil erosion .We will never like to propose basements in any of our project.





Green Building Material

Green and recycled material will be used to in each building.MAG already has got into production of CLC bricks that are eco Friendly and recycled. Sustainable6

Other Features :

Sustainable7Wi-Fi Enabled

All MAG societies will be wi-fi enabled to promote learning to the middle class.   





All the projects will be having separate washing areas that will have washing machines powered by solar. This will reduce grey water for the society. These machines can be operated by inserting coins in the slots.




Sustainable9Bus Service

There will be buses for societies that will run on green fuel if the societies are located away from the city(30 kms radius).